04 Jan 2018

10th anniversary concert soloists announced!

In celebrating its 10th Anniversary the Prometheus Orchestra are giving two concerts in February and a special concert in April with the outstanding violin and viola players Rebecca Scott-Smissen and her husband Robert Smissen performing Mozart’s ‘Duo Concertante’

The Orchestra was founded by Pam Munks and Edmond Fivet in response to a demand from the many talented musicians in Suffolk to rehearse and perform, in a stylish and committed way.

Whilst the Orchestra is renowned for its performances of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven it has a wide repertoire of music which includes Britten, Faure, Dvorak, Resphigi, Wagner amongst many others including first performances of locally based composer’s Jonanthan Rutherford and Elis Pehkonen.

The Orchestra has played for the first seven Alwyn Festivals which has included all of Alwyn’s music for small orchestra,

First performances of music by the renowned Gordon Crosse and David Matthews.The Prometheus Orchestra concert at Snape Maltings on 14th October for the Festival was an outstanding success with a standing ovation for the pianist Nathan Williamson’s performance of the Grieg piano concerto.

The Orchestra has given 40 concerts in 12 different venues across Suffolk to audiences of more than 3,000 people.


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